In the fall of 2012, my friend Anh told me about a project that was percolating in her brain for awhile: a book plot. She brought me into the fold and we’ve been writing and revising ever since. We’re on the third draft and inching closer and closer to our publish date of Summer 2015.

We decided to start a blog along the way that details our experiences with writing and publishing, as well as our current and upcoming projects (oh yes, there will be more).

Project Barrons Publishing

Faded: Book 1 of The Sera Carnahan Chronicles
Reality as she has known it is crashing down around Serafina Carnahan. Not only has she lost her father, but now she has powers she can’t even begin to understand and shadows hell bent on driving her insane. Not to mention her best friend in the whole world may not be the person she thought she knew.

Sera’s journey into a world of Faders and Watchers is only beginning, but she can already tell it is built on webs of deceit and underground dealings she can’t even begin to comprehend.